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About Us

Although the original concept of the League was created in 1974 with a single fixture format, the league was truly formed in 1975.Between 1975 and 1983 there was considerable movement of teams both in and out of the League.
However, there remained a strong twelve-team organization with second and third teams until the complete reorganisation and expansion of the League in 1992, which incorporated both the Star League and the Wolverhampton and District League.

The Staffordshire Club Cricket Championship Now consists of 37 Clubs, 92 teams and 8 Divisions and since 1999 has been a feeder league to the Birmingham and District Premier League.

Prior to our link as the Staffordshire feeder league to the Birmingham and District Premier League, the Staffordshire Club Cricket Championship had a superb period of success at representative level, winning the Midland Club Cricket Conference inter league cup in 1993, 1997 and 1999.

2011 saw us join "The League Cricket Conference" and enter the Presidents Trophy which is a national competition for League Represntative sides.We have drawn the Shropshire County League in this years first round which will be played at Old Wulfs on Sunday the 22nd July.

Since inception the League has been stable in its organisation and is currently administered by an Executive Committee, listed on the following pages, who are committed to ensuring changes take place for the correct reason and keep pace with the overall philosophy of the game of cricket.

The Executive Committee also wishes all clubs, players and umpires an enjoyable season.

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